Shopping with Award winning- Country Duo, Thompson Square!

  I was beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to shop with Shawna and Keifer Thompson of Thompson Square behind the scenes in the garment district for their upcoming tour outfits!

The day began with several appointments inside designers showrooms. I selected and matched their style, taste and budget to Shop with Rox participating designers. The first designer we visited for Shawna has a beautiful collection with a feminine yet edgy feel, which is exactly how Shawna describes her style. She looked absolutely stunning in a gun metal gray textured dress and show-stopping trench coat. I cannot wait to see these pieces on stage!

With Keifer, we visited a custom shirt maker who has been in the business for nearly 30 years. Carl has designed for the likes of Bradley Cooper, Aaron Nevel and many, many more. Together we selected fabrics that fit Keifer's style and needs for the tour. Keifer also picked out a shirt made by my friends over at Teddy Stratford (the best fitting shirt on the planet). 

 Best Fitting shirt on the planet. 

Best Fitting shirt on the planet. 

During our shopping, it was heartwarming to hear the story of how these two met and began their journey together in Nashville. Loved the fact that I could share this day and be a small part of the creative process with them. You'll love to know they are supporting garments being made here in NYC! Fans can rest assured.. they looked amazing in everything! Can't wait for action shots!

Check out their new album Trans Am. The group is also featured on the new Blues Traveler album and you can find their upcoming tour schedule here